Leading the Healthy Development of Global Blockchain Industry
We have the strong support of the Dubai government and the royal family and have reached in-depth strategic cooperation with "Smart Dubai"; we currently operate the world's tallest building, Burj Kalhifa - "151 Silk Road International Exchange and Cooperation Center"; the University of Blockchain Research and the Blockchain Industrial Park jointly run by the UAE Government; Operate the digital asset licensing authority of Dubai Blockchain; provide services for the bottom technology of Dubai Government Blockchain.
Dubai Blockchain Background
Although the application of block chain technology in various industries is still in its early stage,Dubai has shown a comprehensive embrace of the technology, and promoted the development of block chain from 1.0 (payment tools) to 2.0 (financial industry applications) and then to 3.0 (other industries and government management applications) with its own actions.
Our Vision
Our Blockchain Exchange is licensed by the UAE Government and co-located at the Floor 151 of Burj Khalifa Tower. We have designed potential blockchain applications and future transaction industries for the blockchain exchange with global leading players of the financial industries shown below. Our Blockchain Exchange, operating with these global partners, would have digital assets over USD 15billion and could create a size of market disruptive over USD 200 billion with incumbent players like MoneyGram, Western Union, PayPal and others.
Our Mission
Through our partnership with SMART DUBAI, we provide our shareholders with the capabilities of complex industries.We will continue to build our ability to manage diversified portfolios, tap the potential of digital assets to increase revenue, and work with experienced international management teams.We have a high degree of intuition and flexibility, can quickly respond to the rapid development of the industry, and evaluate the freedom of acquisition to promote growth.
Development Services
APP Development
Develop and implement distributed architecture with mainstream financial language. Based on hardware expansion
Website Development
UI interactive design, creative planning, and give fluency.Attach wonderful animation presentation to the stable Web framework. Main display website construction
Blockchain Development
Provide services such as blockchain technology development, public chain, private chain, alliance chain,intelligent contract
Blockchain Bottom Layer Main Chain Construction
Development and Application of Block Chain Intelligent Contract
Commercial Ecology Construction of Block Chain
Block Chain Solution
Knowledge Payment Series
Knowledge Payment System
Knowledge Payment Cloud Platform
Live series
Live + Short Video
Entertainment Live Broadcasting System
Shopping LiveSystem
Educational Live Broadcasting System
Game Live Broadcasting System
Short Video Series
Short Video System
Short Video Social System
O2O Series
Short Video System
Community O2O system
O2ODoor-to-door service
E-Commerce Series
Social e-commerce system
Community O2O system
Pre-warehouse E-commerce Supply Chain System
Background Advantage
Digital Blockchain Global Holding Co., LTD., Dubai Blockchain Holding Co., LTD.,
Dubai Blockchain Investment co., LTD., 3 qualifications authorized.Digital asset qualification,
cross-border transaction qualification of digital assets and international
investment qualification of block chain awarded by global financial center.
Talent Advantage
Headquartered in Dubai, the team is located in more than 30 countries, including the United
States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Philippines,
Thailand and China. It has gathered hundreds of top talents from the financial,
IT and block chains industries all over the world.
Gather the top strength
of the global blockchain industry
The Dubai government is committed to building a chain of blocks
from a wide range of areas such as urban infrastructure,
technology, commerce and finance, a wise Dubai!
Technical Advantage
Strong independent product R&D strength
There is a professional and technical team that has been engaged in software development for more than 10 years, responds quickly and emphasizes teamwork. It has laid a high starting point for many years of Internet industry experience, and has more than 60 independent intellectual property rights of Internet and mobile Internet related products.
Exclusive source code for sale to facilitate secondary developm
Each system provides special exclusive source code for sale, provides system procedures and secondary development documents, greatly shortens the development process, so that your system can be quickly online.
Product original development, rapid update
Product development, faster and smoother operation, weekly updates and optimization of different system function points, product updates quickly, so that you are always at the forefront of the industry.
Office Environment
The company is located in Emaar Square Square, with an office area of 3800 square meters.